NanoFlowSizer – Inline & Real-Time Nanoparticle Size Measurement in Flow

InProcess LSP has innovated Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering Technology and NanoFlowSizer. The NanoFlowSizer is a unique and true PAT tool for inline and online nanoparticle size analysis without dilution of quite high turbid samples, both static and in flow. For extremely concentrated samples there could be an automated online micro dilution system for example for wet bed nano-milling monitoring. Continuous output of important parameters such as PDI, D90, D50 etc. can be used for fully automated process control.

  • Reduction in analysis time ›90%.
  • Better process understanding promoting innovation.
  • New possibilities to study particle size dynamics in real time.
  • Reduction of production time with 1-3 days per batch.
  • Significant reduction in batch rejection saving € 0.2- 2M per manufacturing event.

To overcome the limitations of conventional DLS for process analytical technology applications InProcess-LSP developed a new innovative technology: Spatially Resolved Dynamic Light Scattering (SRDLS). SR-DLS allows particle size characterization in process flows and can measure highly turbid suspensions without dilution.

The NanoFlowSizer technology is based on low coherence interferometry providing light scattering information as a function of optical path length (path length or depth in the sample).

The depth-resolved light scattering holds information on particle movement caused by both Brownian motion as well as flow rate. The contribution due to Brownian motion is used for the calculation of the particle size characteristics, while the flow rate information is obtained instantaneously for every measurement as well nanoparticle analysis of highly concentrated and optically turbid samples. The spatially resolved data in combination with smart algorithms allows the NanoFlowSizer to distinguish single from multiple scattered light, which is fully automated within the XsperGo software. As a result, the obtained data for highly turbid samples is automatically corrected for multiple scattered light (since multiple scattered light will not be used for adequate particle size analysis in DLS).

The use of nanoparticles has become increasingly popular in multiple industries, such as pharma, chemicals, cosmetics, and food & dairy. Nanotechnology in healthcare has an exceptional potential to address a diversity of therapeutic issues by providing better diagnostics and therapy. A broad range of nanoparticle enabled products are available for pharmaceutical medical applications (drug delivery), including liposomes, polymeric nanoparticles and lipid-based nanoparticles.

InProcess-LSP recognizes the importance of delivering not only innovative instrumentation but assure adequate performance and optimal alignment with customer objectives. Therefore, a step-wise implementation approach is recommended between initial feasibility screening and final implementation of the technology for new applications.Our NanoFlowSizer solution concept includes the implementation of the instrument equipped with the right process connectors meeting your (process) requirements. Step1: Initial assessment 2. Feasibility Testing 3. Application Testing 4. Implementation 5. Services & support .

  • Analysis of highly turbid suspensions.
  • Measurement in flow.
  • Sample preparation not necessary.
  • Real-time process control.
  • Monitoring of continuous manufacturing possible.
  • This leads to: 
  • Higher efficiency manufacturing and economic benefits.

  • Low control during the production process.
  • Interruption of the manufacturing process flow at quality control stage.
  • Need for off-line laboratory analysis, could result in potential delays.
  • Impossible to carry out realtime control of nanoparticle size during continuous manufacturing.
  • Batch to batch quality might vary.
  • Delayed process quality feedback, due to long analysis time.
  • Does it fit your application-Understand your process.

Are you interested in the NanoFlowSizer and would you like to know whether it fits your application? The first step to take is to screen your sample and process characteristics in a first feasibility assessment based on your filled questionnaire. Contact to MTPL now for further guidance.

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