MTPL was founded in October 2007 with an objective of distribution and support of scientific and industrial instruments from world leading companies to cater pharmaceutical & biotechnology, automotive & filters, semiconductor & electronics, defence, space & aeronautics and other hi-tech manufacturing industries, environmental monitoring and scientific & industrial research.

MTPL started a specialist in particle measurement, clean room monitoring, steam, compressed air & nitrogen gas testing, filter testing, environmental & indoor air quality measurement instruments.

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MTPL proudly diversified to offer our customers state of the art innovations in:

Process Analytical Technology such as Sentronic continuous measurement NIR Spectrometers & InProcess real time nano particle size analyser.

Particle Metrix ZetaView Nano Particle Tracking Analyser for Scientific Research Industry, Systec & Solutions GMP IT Hardware that offers Cleanroom Computers, Tablets, HMIs, etc.

MTPL testing and validation services division is most preferred by Indian customers for compressed air, Nitrogen gas and pure steam testing & validation services.


We help Manufacturing Industries and Research Institutes to produce and innovate the greatest quality products, which exceed international standards for their markets.

We accomplish this by supplying them most robust, high performance scientific & industrial instruments and services in the areas of:

  • Particle and contamination measurement in clean air, fluids and utilities.

  • GMP IT hardware for cleanrooms.

  • Process Analytical Technology.

  • Aerosol and nano particle measurement.

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