Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Air Particle Counters and Microbial Air Samplers

CLiMET Instruments Company, USA

CLiMET is innovator & worldwide technology leader in cleanroom particle counters and microbiology air samplers.

Liquid Particle Counters

PAMAS GmbH, Germany

PAMAS manufactures GOLD standard Liquid Particle Counters, only global player to manufacture only liquid particle counters for pharmaceutical, oil and filter testing applications.

GMP IT hardware for cleanrooms

Systec & Solutions GmbH, Germany

Systec manufactures best-in-class HMI systems for the life sciences industry. GMP IT hardware includes cleanroom computers (IPC), monitors, SS tablets, glass keyboard, trolley computers etc. Systec products are the widest range, most robust and so far the best worldwide for use inside classified cleanroom facilities, excellent for use in Pharmaceutical industry while implementing eLogbook, eBMR, Environmental Monitoring and MES solutions.



NYMI Band is a biometric wearable that connects you to multiple applications, systems and networks in order to reduce the touch points between the user and applications.

Process Analytical Technology

NIR Spectrometers for PAT

Sentronic GmbH, Germany

Sentronic offers the best expertise for the Pharmaceutical Solid Dose continuous measurement applications with their NIR Spectrometers. Applications include blend uniformity measurement in bin blender & continuous blend, fluid bed drying, high shear wet granulation, tablet compression etc.

NanoFlowSizer - Realtime Nanoparticle Size Measurement in flow

InProcess LSP, Netherlands

InProcess is innovator. First and only manufacturer of NanoFlowSizer; SR-DLS based real-time nano particle size measurement instrument to be used inline, online or at line for BioPharma processes, high pressure homogenizers, microfluidizer, synthesis processes, membrane extrusion and nano milling.

Science & Industry

Nanoparticle Tracking Analyser

Particle Metrix

Palas GmbH manufactures high performance & best aerosol measurement and generation devices including aerosol spectrometers, solid & liquid aerosol generators, indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring systems, nano aerosol measurement using Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer & Condensation Particle Counters. Measurement devices and aerosol generators are used further to manufacture filter and filter media & mask test rigs. Palas test rigs are renowned for their constancy in performance.

Filter & Filter media Test Rigs

GMN International GmbH, Germany

GMN International manufactures test stands and test equipment for automotive and filter industries complying to highest technological standards. Major products are Multi Pass Test Stand (ISO 16889, ISO 19438 & ISO 4548-12), Pulsation and burst pressure test stand (ISO 4548-5 & ISO 4548-6) and Aerosol/Oil Separator filter test stand (ISO 12500 & ISO 8573).



MTPL is our in house brand. MTPL compressed air, Nitrogen Gas and Pure Steam testing and validation services are most preferred by the top Indian Pharmaceutical companies. MTPL brand also offers Pure Steam Samplers & Pure Steam Test Kit. Aerosol Generator and Water Fog Generator for ISO14644 clean room validation.

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