MTPL is a super specialist of particle measurement applications since 2007. Our partner for fluid contamination measurement, PAMAS GmbH, Germany manufactures only liquid particle counters since 1992. The highly sophisticated optical sensors are manufactured in the plant at Germany. Due to own research and development department, PAMAS is market leader for high quality liquid particle counting systems. MTPL is representing PAMAS from 2008 in India and other countries by appointment.

Liquid Particle Counters

PAMAS SVSS Liquid Particle

SBSS- SVLiquid Particle Counter

PAMAS SBSS- Research Grade Laboratory Liquid Particle Counter

PAMAS 4132- Liquid Particle Counter for Filter Testing Rigs

PAMAS S40 most versatile portable Oil Liquid Particle counter

PAMAS S4031 most versatile R & D and Test Lab Liquid Particle counter

PAMAS S50 most versatile Online Oil Particle counter

PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO - ISO 4407 Microscopic Particle Counter

PAMAS FSA-2002 Floc Size Analyser

PAMAS S50DP most versatile Online Oil Particle counter with an integrated dilution system

Particle measuring Systems are used to control cleanliness of liquids and to identify quality deficiencies and excessive wear in order to avoid eventual costly machine failures. PAMAS liquid particle counters measure solid particulate contamination of liquids, control the efficiency of filters and the cleanliness of liquids.

Particles affect both the quality of liquids (e.g. contaminants in pharmaceutical solutions, drinking water or process water) and also the connected components and machines (e.g. in aviation and hydraulics in general).

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