Clean Room Computers, SS Tablets, Trolley Computers, SS-Glass Keyboards GMP IT Hardware

A super specialist in particle measurement and expert in environmental monitoring inside classified area of cleanrooms, MTPL understood the importance of computers and mobile computing inside cleanrooms and partnered with Systec & Solutions GmbH, Germany.

Systec & Solutions GmbH manufactures the highest quality Life Science Ready clean room compatible HMIs, IPCs, Mobile Trolley Computers, Glass Key Boards, SS tablets, Printer Boxes etc. For regulated Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology industry, Systec & Solutions GmbH ensures that your work processes satisfy GMP standards using Systec & Solutions GMP IT Hardware. Our Clean Room Computers, SS tablets and all the other GMP IT Hardware is used wherever the highest standards have to be met. All the components and the construction of our hardware are fully suitable for industrial use in clean rooms and designed to be user-friendly.

WAVE: The Best-in-class cleanroom HMIs and IPCs

Flexible support arm systems to mount IPCs for every cleanroom environment

SS Tablets for GMP environment, mobile working with a tablet in a stainless teel casing

DESKTOP SOLUTIONS: GMP compliant and ergonomic workstations for laboratories and cleanrooms

Mobile Trolley Solutions with cleanroom-compatible rollers, battery and Wifi, the workstations can be moved flexibly in the production environment

CONTROL- Integrated wall fitted panel display & IPC for cleanroom and GMP environments

MODI small format displays: The IoT HMI system for displaying room information/building automation in GMP environments

Cleanroom Keyboards: GMP-compliant keyboards with glass or membrane surface ideal for cleanrooms

Printer & scanner SS boxes, accessories for HMIs and authentication

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