MTPL - Gas Detection Tube

MTPL is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of GASTEC-JAPAN detector tubes for environmental and compressed air quality testing.

Trusted Accuracy for Every Application:

GASTEC detector tubes are renowned for their accuracy, ease of use, and wide range of applications. Whether you're monitoring air quality, ensuring compressed air safety, or complying with environmental regulations, MTPL has the GASTEC detector tubes you need.

The Standard GASTEC Detector Tube System:

  • MCAS ECO: Multi Compressed air sampler.
  • Standard GASTEC Detector Tubes: Available in a variety of configurations to detect a broad spectrum of gases and vapors.

  • Ten detector tubes of the same type.
  • A detailed instruction sheet for proper use.
  • Ten numbered adhesive labels for easy sample identification.
  • Information about the specific detector tube clearly printed on the box label.

GASTEC detector tubes utilize a straightforward colorimetric method for gas detection. As air is drawn through the tube with the pump, the detection layer changes color in direct proportion to the gas concentration.

Simply follow the recommended sampling time for the specific detector tube. After the allotted time, read the measurement value at the point where the color change ends.

  • Accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Simple and user-friendly operation.
  • Cost-effective solution for various applications.
  • Portable and convenient for on-site testing.
  • Wide range of detector tubes available.

Contact MTPL today to discuss your specific environmental and compressed air quality testing needs. We'll help you select the right GASTEC detector tubes for optimal results.

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