MTPL - Water Fog Generator

MTPL-WFG is a cleanroom safe, portable device that uses supersonic waves to agitate purified water creating a visible mist. Airflow visualization test carried out by MTPL-WFG is as per ISO 14644 Annex. B7 Tracer Injection Method.

  • 1. TTC (Titanium Tetrachloride)
    Drawback: TTC is proved to be carcinogenic and highly corrosive. It can corrode sensitive process machinery and can cause major accidents. It tends to remain in the HVAC system for a long time, as a result it has been banned in many countries.
  • 2. Glycol/other plasticizer based smoke generator
    Drawback: Glycol or other plasticizers are not corrosive but contaminate the cleanroom. It also coats ducts and other surfaces with oil thus causing a fire hazard.
  • 3. Dry Ice
    Drawback: Dry ice smoke sticks & contaminate the cleanroom and don’t produce enough smoke. They also raise CO2 to an unacceptable levels and do not have any stability.

All the above three do not have any microbiology test data.

  • SS304 body can be wiped clean with mild disinfectants and so is ideal for use in sterile areas in Pharmaceuticals cleanrooms.
  • It has the highest mist density among peers, more than 6000 ml / hr. – twice the flow of our competitors.
  • The fog volume if needed, can be controlled by a potentiometer.
  • A quick drain valve facilitates hassle free emptying of the water tank.
  • A higher tank capacity allows the unit to be used for a long time without taking a stop to cool the ultrasonic generator.
  • Snap fit hose adapter eliminates the need for any tools.
  • The mist generated doesn't leave behind any residue & fog is visible for more than 4 meters.
  • Unlike the separate fogger and controller, MTPL-WFG is a single unit.
  • Expandable and Shape Retaining hose.
  • This hose expands to 3 times size and retains its shape for greater visibility and convenience.

  • Structure: SS 304 water tank capacity 2.5 liters.
  • Mist Volume: More than 6000 ml / hr.
  • Electrical Power: AC: 230/110 V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Weight: Without water: 10 kg With water: 13.5 kg.
  • Dimensions (WXDXH ): 450 x 250 x 250 mm.
  • Standard Hose length: Compressed: 3 ft. Expanded: 9 ft.
  • Fogging Medium: WFI/ DI / Distilled water at room temperature.
  • Continuous operation with full tank: 40 minutes at low speed.

9ft. expandable hose, carrying case with Internal padding, Sparge tube and tapering nozzle

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