MTPL - Pure Steam Sampler

MTPL-PSS pure steam sampler is used to collect the steam condensate from pure steam generator for analysis of bacterial endotoxins, TOC, conductivity, chemical testing, particle count test etc.

MTPL pure steam sampler is designed in a way so that sample coolers prevent steam flashing-off from hot pressurized steam samples, which can be dangerous and will result in an incorrect water sample.

This device may be used for boiler water analysis and other sampling or cooling applications.

The MTPL-PSS Pure Steam Sampler is designed to allow pure steam and high purity water samplers to be taken quickly and easily whilst maintaining product sterility during testing.

  • Provides continuous conversion of steam into cool water or condensate.
  • Stainless Steel construction.
  • Can be dedicated for point of use or it can be used as a portable sampling device.
  • Autoclavable

  • Stainless Steel Condenser (Main Unit).
  • Steam Inlet hose pipe.
  • TC Fitting Clamps.
  • 8mm connecting tubes.
  • Tripod Stand with adjustable height.

  • The MTPL-PSS should be orientated vertically.
  • Cooling medium; typically mains or chilled water, should be connected to the lower body connection.
  • In order to allow the flow of cooling medium to be controlled during testing an isolation valve should be included before the water inlet.
  • The cooling water outlet should be piped to drain and be free of obstructions or isolation valves.
  • When installed in this orientation any residual condensate formed in the supply pipe work will flow freely through the sample cooler or condenser once the main steam line is isolated.

  • Open the cooling water inlet valve and ensure that a flow of cooling medium is present.
  • Slowly open the sample inlet valve until a sample is obtained. Excessive sample flow will result in a high sample temperature. Both cooling water and sample valves can be regulated to adjust the sample outlet temperature.
  • Once a suitable sample has been obtained the sample inlet valve should be isolated.
  • Cooling medium should be allowed to flow for a short period in order to condense/cool any medium passing through the coil.
  • When no further sample is evident, isolate the cooling water supply. The cooling water valves should be left open to allow any residual heat energy in the supply pipe work to be dissipated. Once the system has cooled, the water supply may be isolated.

Coil design pressure 10 bar
Shell design pressure 10 bar
Cooling Water Temperature 15-20 °C
Steam Pressure 05 bar

When The MTPL -PSS becomes hot during operation. Personnel should be protected against direct contact with the installation & operation, if needed do it with appropriate insulation or guarding.

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