PAMAS S40 most versatile portable Oil Liquid Particle counter

PAMAS S40is used as Portable, Online and Lab Liquid Particle counter. Liquid Particle counter for the remote on-site analysis of fluid samples – pressureless sampling and up to 420 bar system pressure testing.

Oil industry knows PAMAS S40 as their workhorse for particle contamination measurement in oil. Very popularly called as NAS analyser Particles circulating at high speed and pressure in the liquids of turbines, power plants, gearboxes and offshore applications are capable of damaging mechanical parts of the system.

The rugged and resistant PAMAS S40 GO portable liquid particle counter is built to meet the demands of the harshest environments and can be used for field analyses and for laboratory measurements. The liquid particle counter includes an integrated battery for mains free operation on site. It is small and light enough to fit into an aircraft overhead locker. The rugged case PAMAS GO is water tight and protects the instrument in harsh environments and during transportation.

Popularly also known as NAS Analyser.

The PAMAS S40 is a portable oil particle counting system for oil-based liquids like hydraulic and lubricating oil. A wear resistant ceramic piston pump guarantees a constant flow. With a simple-to-use touch screen user interface, operation is easy and intuitive. The system is equipped with an integrated battery for up to three hours operation and a data storage of up to 4000 measurements. The system can be used for batch sampling and online measurements. Popularly also known as NAS Analyser.

  • PAMAS S40 Standard for the measurement at up to 420 bar system pressure.
  • PAMAS S40 Lube Oil for the measurement of highly viscous oil of up to 1,000 cSt.
  • PAMAS S40 Fuel for the measurement of fuels such as petrol, diesel or kerosene.
  • PAMAS S40 Skydrol for the measurement of phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids.
  • PAMAS S40 AVTUR for the measurement of turbine fuel according to EI-IP 577 and DEFSTAN 91-091 as well as diesel according to IP PM FA.

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Turbine and insulation oils
  • Gear oils
  • Phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids
  • Fuels
  • Popularly also known as NAS Analyser.

  • Robust & convenient design.
  • Lightweight only 8 kg.
  • Customizable measurement analysis settings.
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen.
  • Automatic sample flow and volume control by wear resistant ceramic piston pump.
  • Measurement from pressureless up to 420 bar system pressure.
  • Pressureless measurement of fluids with viscosities of up to 1.000 cSt at 22°C (equal to ISO VG320) without the need for accessories.
  • Popularly also known as NAS Analyser.
  • Use of any sample vessel (any customer specific or widely available containers).
  • Internal data storage of more than 4,000 measurements.
  • Measurement printout via integrated thermal printer.
  • Same measurement accuracy as a laboratory unit.
  • Multilingual menu navigation.
  • Battery running time of more than 4 hours.

ISO 11171 ISO 4402 ISO 4406 SAE AS4059 NAS 1638 GOST 17216
CHARN* GJB 420B GJB 420A NAVAIR 01-1A-17* SAE 749D* ISO/DIS 11218.2*
ASTM D7647 IEC 60970 ASTM D6786 ISO 11500
*in connection with PAMAS PMA software


Available size ranges:

4–70 µm(c) (ISO 11171)

2–100 µm (ISO 4402)

Max. particle concentration:

24.000 P/ml at 25 ml/min

Other sensors for larger particle sizes or higher concentrations are available on request. Popularly also known as NAS Analyser.

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